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I Want Candy

Lollipop - Planet

Lollipop - Planet

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THE Original Planet Lollipops! As seen on CNET and on the Internet worldwide. These are the ORIGINAL Planet Lollipops by I Want Candy!. A truly galactic and out of this world treat! There are a total of ten suckers including all nine planets, even little Pluto (we're sure Neil deGrasse Tyson will put out another TikTok to put us in our place, but what'eve's Neil), plus the sun rendered in beautiful photo-realistic detail.

Sun/Marshmallow, Mercury/Tropical Punch, Venus/Cherry, Earth/Cotton Candy, Mars/Pear, Jupiter/Key Lime, Saturn/Guava, Uranus/Blackberry, Neptune/Mango, Pluto/Strawberry Kiwi

The back of each lollipop is black. ALL lollipops are individually wrapped. Each lollipop weighs approximately 26g and stands about 4.5" high.

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